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Kicking-off a Location Intelligence Dialogue

Welcome to the blog space of the IDV Solutions User Experience team!  This blog, IDVUX, will speak to specific topics relevant to User Experience in the Location Intelligence space as we tackle them here at IDV Solutions; topics like…
Thematic Mapping
Color Theory
Data Visualization
Cognitive load
Design Trends
Feature Creep
Portal Workflow
Web-based mapping
and so on…
Often I’ll refer to a parent blog, IDV’s Enterprise Ready, where Location Intelligence is discussed from a broader perspective.  Likewise, Enterprise Ready will point to this blog for more granular discussions.
I’ll share some specific examples of things we are working on, like the latest versions of our products, research ideas, experiments, cool public data resources, and the best examples of what other folks are working on.
I invite trackbacks; that is, feel free to comment, correct, append, and question any of our entries.  I welcome the discussion!

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