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What is GeoRSS? (part 1 of 3)

GeoRSS is a location-enabling extension of RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  RSS is an xml-based file and is the vehicle by which frequently updated information is distributed.  GeoRSS feed items are RSS feed items that have had the breath of Location Awareness breathed into them.


The tandem rocketing popularity of RSS feeds and Location-Based applications means that we’ll be seeing GeoRSS more and more as the geographic file-of-choice.  The standards-based format means that GeoRSS files enjoy a huge potential audience rather than being locked up in a proprietary desktop GIS file format.


GeoRSS location-tags attach geographic references to RSS items in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates.  A latitude (how far north/south) and Longitude (how far east/west) pair (or co-ordinates) can describe a specific point on the earth; a sequence of those pairs can describe a pine or a polygon.

In this image, a USGS earthquakes GeoRSS feed URL has been loaded into an IDV Solutions Visual Fusion Client map.  Some specific earthquakes have been selected and their RSS Item details are displayed.

Here the Visual Fusion Client map interface is being used to create a GeoRSS file of Martha’s Vineyard, Steamship Ports, and seasonal Ferry Routs.

John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com



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