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I just got word back that I am going to present at GITA‘s "Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions" conference in March.  The title of my presentation is "Beyond Mashups: The Enterprise Geo-Portal."  Here is the abstract…



Geographic Enterprise Portals are being used within the public and private sectors for emergency preparedness and response, risk analysis, security, and business management.  The goliaths of Google and Microsoft are entering into the geographic fray where previously only GIS-for-researchers organizations held sway.  This boom in geographic interest and therefore geographic data means options for organizations are ripe.  This presentation will identify data options for publicly and privately available geo-data sources and formats.  Likewise, the nature of the portal as it relates to location intelligence will be presented, namely permissions-based content access, collaboration, and data management.


If you need some help convincing your boss to send you to the conference, GITA has generously provided a "Top Twenty Reasons" list (PDF).  I did some quick math and I estimate that this list is probably at least twice as good as a list you might see on David Letterman.

If you plan on going, send me an email: john.nelson@idvsolutions.com.  If you read my abstract and have questions or ideas for specific topics that would be a hit in the presentation, let me know…45 minutes is a long time.

John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com



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