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Dear User Experience Designers,


(Insert motivational description of who we want here) Do you look at the way things are designed and think up a better plan? Does the phrase “let me paint you a picture” inspire you? Do you wave your hands around when describing something in an effort to paint that imaginary picture? Are you compulsively detail-oriented? If you think in pictures, describe in pictures, and produce those pictures, we’d like you to talk to our team.

(Insert compelling description of IDV Solutions here) IDV Solutions is a data visualization company, driven to provide organizations with a compelling, interactive view of the world and their data within it. A positive user experience is a critical component of what we deliver to clients. We are currently looking for a talented, motivated visual designer who can listen to a client’s needs then contribute towards a compelling interactive visualization to help answer that need. Ideal candidates should have experience in the following areas:

Flash (Designing and Actionscripting)
User Experience 

…and be interested in: 
Web Design
Data Visualization
Mashups and Mapping
Edward Tufte

Anyway, if it sounds like fun, it is.  Resumes are great, but I really want to see examples of some things you have done.  Send your resume and link to an online portfolio to john.nelson@idvsolutions.com, I look forward to it!


Thanks much,



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