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Some Favorites o’ 2007

So it’s almost the end of 2007.  Summoning as much nostalgia as I can about blog posts, I have picked some of the Designing Composite Applications favorites from the past year…


Mercator vs. well…not Mercator (Platte Carre)

The nature of distortion, little blue circles, invisible poles, and squished jumbo jets.  This is the wild world of projections.

Platte Carre, Platte Carree, Plate Carrée, Equirectangular, Geographic, Cartesian, Equidistant Cylindrical, Carte Parallelogrammatique…

Some background on the most common, most anonymous transformation out there.  Your mashup overlays not lining up?  This is why.

Map Projection in the 3D Environment

What does Microsoft do?  What does Google do?  What projection ought your maps be if you want to drape them over a 3D globe?  The 3D environment does not mean maps can be projection agnostic -projection is more important than ever.


Vector and Raster

Raster is faster but vector is bector.  Read all you want on the pros and cons of these estranged cousins.  Can’t we all just get along?



The Timeline Atlas of the United States

It’s a free download.  Take it.  Zip around through U.S. history and finally find out what the word "Michigan" really means.  Spoiler alert:  Nobody is sure where Oregon even got it’s name!!

Digging Data the IDV Way: A Balanced Information Architecture

Drinking from the fire hose is scary.  Not seeing what you need is lame.  There has to be some method to display data at the macro level then draw them into the specifics.  But how?!

Labeling Hodgepodges in the Static and Interactive Environments

Composite applications are by nature interactive (or at least begging to be).  You have options-a-plenty, and this is your big chance to throw off some of the trappings of static labeling.

Feature Creep: Tame that Beast

Too much is too much!  Well, sometimes your maps have to wear a lot of hats so the makeup rule does not always hold water.  Methods, madness, the good, the bad, and especially…the ugly!



The Road to Known Knowns

Rumsfeld’s famous little matrix and how your composite application can push folks into that desirable square.  You can pretty much forget about the black hole of unknown unknowns.


What’s really going on here?


Geo Jolie: The Jet Set get GeoTagged!

Geography is so cool.  I wish I thought of this first.

Can I Click That or What?!

The world is wrought with unusable things.  Seldom, though, do you get such hilarious evidence of it.

Composite Applications Take a Swim

I bet that blipping triangle looked pretty cool in 1989, but I hope the interactive map systems on today’s nuclear submarines look a lot different than they did in the Hunt for Red October.  Ahh, the possibilities of an unlimited budget…


John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com



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