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Pantastic Portal: Inward and Outward-Facing Interactive Panoramas


Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal (MOSS 2007) provides the ability to create custom List Web Parts with files, references, and attributes.  A cool application of this SharePoint feature is to integrate a series of images, coordinate information, and general direction.  Sending that data to an interactive map where those images are stitched and displayed in the context of location provides a smooth means of interaction and a better, timely, understanding of what’s there.  The benefit of the Portal is that it provides the aptly permissioned end-user the ability to compile sets of panoramic imagery and supporting information, themselves.  Pushing the resuts into an immersive interface illustrates how frequently-updated imagery can aid in emergency response for organizations with sprawling assets -the source imagery could be as simple as snapshots taken by a person walking around a facility or even down a hall.


What about time?

Imagine the radial scroller was a timepiece and the images that were animated through were driven from a time-stamped List Web Part?  There are a lot of options for this kind of portal-driven, user-contributed content.  The times they are exciting.

John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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