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I’ve just returned from GITA’s 2008 Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions conference in Seattle, WA.  Thanks much to GITA and all who attended the presentation; I met a lot of interesting folks and was impressed with the speakers.  My presentation, Beyond Mashups: The Enterprise Geo-Portal, went well, considering my mid-presentation dead laptop battery ("…anybody know any good jokes?").  In that harrowing few minutes of reboot, I polled the audience on their Flyer vs. Reeler persuasion -a fun diversion.
Here are the pamphlet details of the talk…

Beyond Mashups: The Enterprise Geo-portal
Track: Internet and Web Services
John Nelson, IDV Solutions

Learning Objectives:
-Enhance GIS presentation.
-Make GIS investments more actionable.
-Take advantage of Web services and rich Internet applications.


Organizations have made significant investments in geographic information systems. The presentation tier of this investment, however, has been typically limited, static, and labor intensive. Enterprise portals are increasingly popular for organizations that wish to visualize geographic data in a more current and collaborative sense. This presentation will identify options, barriers to entry, benefits, and technical challenges to the process of building and implementing a geographic enterprise portal. Specific examples will be cited.

I was surprised and pleased with the excellent turnout (crowds in the back and the pulling in of additional chairs!); further indication of the substantial interest in Geospatial Portals within the enterprise and the public sector.  There is clearly a surging interest in a useable  online geospatial content management system to best take advantage of the considerable investment that organizations have made and are making in GIS and visualization, and how best to integrate the universe of cloud data that is begging to provide timely context to that investment.

The Gist
I focused on describing common issues confronting clients building geospatial portals and some best practices we have identified.  All of this was, of course, shared with the overarching goal of promoting a geospatial portal who’s User Experience is positive, truthful, and actionable.

The introductory slide in my deck: The World’s First Mashup.  It is John Snow’s 1854 visualization of medical data mashed onto a map of London.

I was asked a lot of questions just after the session, but did not get the chance to address them individually or in as much detail as I would have liked.  If you are interested in a copy of the presentation materials, you can download the paper here:
I tend to veer around topics as the result of a cursory audience poll, so these materials are not a transcription by any means.  But I hope you find them helpful and relevant.  Or if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at john.nelson@idvsolutions.com.


John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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