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Click-Through Q & A

Another quick Q and A based on some searches that tend to drive people to IDVUX.

Q: "Known Unknown Matrix"

This query, or equivalents, drive a lot of traffic through to this site.  A colleague of mine here at IDV, Christopher Abraham, wrote a targeted post on the benefits of an enterprise-class mashup, not just for gaining insights, but for identifying needs.

The matrix he describes is a derivative of the Johari Window, a cognitive tool used by psychologists to identify how self-aware (or not) one may be.

Here it is…

Q: Datum vs Projection


Two totally different things.  One is the presumed general shape of the world, the other is the geometric method of peeling it off and flattening it onto paper, or your screen (yes, even 3D viewers use flattened maps!).

More info on Datums…
Flattening ratio?

Q: X_Ray Vision

The IDV Solutions map interface combines the Overview Map tool with the Magnifier tool for a lot of reasons.  One cool byproduct of the merger is that if you set the scale as equal to the main map, then you get a sweet sweet X-Ray Vision window.

So what is that good for?  If you have a map that is loaded with data, then the X-Ray Vision lets you cut through that fog and poke a hole through to a single basemap.

A description of the IDV overview-underview map…


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