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SpatialWiki How-To: Drawing


  • How Do I Begin?


You can activate the editor by clicking on the Edit this drawing pencil icon next to any of the existing drawings or you can start a new drawing from scratch and click Create New

Either way, you’ll switch over to edit mode.

Edit mode provides a drawing palate where you can choose the sorts of features you want to draw (Points, Lines, and Areas).


  • Drawing New Stuff

You can add any number and combination of Points, Lines and Areas to a drawing.  Whichever of those tools is currently highlighted, that’s what you’ll draw.


Points: With the "Point" draw tool selected, just click on the map to add a point feature.

Lines: With the "Line" draw tool selected, click-click-click a path.  Double-click to end the line (or you can hit the Escape key).

Areas: Click click click, just like lines.  You can finish an area by double clicking or by closing the loop and clicking the very first dot (again, the Escape key will also close the area that you are drawing).

To take short breaks from drawing (if you need to reposition the map and don’t want to accidentally draw stuff) you can uncheck the draw tools via the checkbox at the top of the draw tools panel.

But, shoot, if you really need a break just save the whole drawing and come back to it later.  It’s a wiki.


  • Changing Stuff You’ve Already Drawn


Click and hold any point on the map to pick it up.  It will elevate slightly like you’d pulled out a pin.  When it’s picked up you can drag it to a new location and drop it.


Click on an existing line to select it.  You can move any of the dots that make up the line.  Between each of the dots are ghost dots that you can grab and move if you want to add more detail.  Conversely, you can remove unwanted dots by selecting them and hitting the Delete key.


Change the shape of an area the same way you change a line (above).  By the way, for now, SpatialWiki does not support cutting donut holes into areas (sad trombone music).


To change the color of the thing you are drawing, expand the color drawer and choose another option.  You can always change the color of a Point, Line, or Area later by selecting it then choosing something different from the color options.
To open that color options drawer, click the triangle in the corner of any of the draw tools, or click and hold the tool.

Going, going, going…                               


You can totally fry any Point, Line, or Area.  Select it, then click the button to smite it utterly.

Point features have the distinction of erupting into flames when erased.



John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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