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SpatialWiki How-To: Navigate


We’ve created what we think is a fun and intuitive navigation element for our Silverlight map at www.spatialwiki.com.  It’s that little mini-me-earth, zip line, hula-hoop doodad.  You can visually pull yourself down nearer to the earth for a closer look, or you can push yourself up higher for a broader view, fly to any location, spin, and tilt.  More specifically…


  • Fly to
    Just type in a place name and auto-pilot to it.  We are querying Virtual Earth’s Web Services; just about any place you can think of, they’ll know where to send you.

Type in any place name or address.  The fizzy light sprites that jump out mean its working!

Instead of violently snapping to Monaco, the map flies you there to provide context to your destination.  The closer to real life the User Experience is, the more natural it will feel to use.  We are still working on a rushing wind sound.


  • Preview a Drawing
    Click the name of any drawing in the SpatialWiki list (or choose to edit the drawing) and you’ll zip over to the extents of it.


  • Peep Zoom
    If you hold the Control key on the keyboard you can click and drag an area on the map and fly there.  It is a more map friendly bent on the old select rectangle.  (Again, while holding Ctrl) You click on a location of interest and drag -when you let go, you rubber band right to your new extents.  Here is more info than you’ll likely ever care to know about the Peep Zoom.


  • Did You Know
    Did you know that you can rotate the map?  Grab the North, South, East, West hula hoop and give it a spin.
    Did you know that you can tilt the map?  Grab that little handle on the hula hoop and push it up or down.


Ah, that’s more like it.


  • Regular Old Stuff
    Just like anywhere else, you can click and drag the map to move it around and use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  The SpatialWiki also has some pseudo physics that mean you can fling the map here and there, which makes navigation faster and more natural (all the sizzling details here).
    There is the familiar zoom slider where you can drag to adjust your altitude.  Dragging down, by the way, flies you closer to Earth.  Click anywhere along the zoom slider track to push your altitude to that position.  And there are the trusty old "+" and "-" buttons (here is a stimulating introduction to zoom slider philosophy).


John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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