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SpatialWiki How-To: Manage


True to its name, SpatialWiki is a place where you not only draw, but where you can find and enhance the drawings of others.  Your content contributions to the SpatialWiki will make in an increasingly relevant place to collaborate around anything that can be stuck to the earth.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of SpatialWiki…


  • Search

You can find a drawing by typing its Title, Author or Editor’s Name, and Tags.  As you type, the results pour in, providing a more and more refined set of drawings.

If you click on any of the tags, SpatialWiki auto-searches based on that tag in order to find similar.

Click the close button next to the search field to clear the results and return to the full list of drawings.


  • Sort

SpatialWiki sorts the drawings chronologically by default; drawings that have been created or edited more recently will appear nearer the top of the list.  But you can always change the sort order.

Recent:  The freshest drawings bubble to the top.

Popular: Sort drawings by the number of times they have been exported.

Title:  Good old alphabetical ordering.

: Sort by Preview status.  This one is a lot of fun because you can go through the full set of SpatialWiki drawings, previewing the ones of interest -then bump them to the top.  With this sort option selected, drawings that have their preview status checked appear at the top of the list.


  • Paging

Did you know that the page numbers at the bottom of the SpatialWiki drawings list show bookends?  When you roll your mouse over the page numbers, it shows you the first and last drawing on that page -think Encyclopedia volume labeling.  Now you don’t have to guess on which page the H’s would fall alphabetically when you are looking for the drawing, "Hannibal Crossing the Alps."


  • Preview

Previewing a drawing paints a dimmed out version of it on the map as a reference.  Click the drawing name to fly to it’s location and preview it.  Sometimes you don’t want to fly to a drawing in order to preview it; if you are already in the map location that you like, you can just check the preview checkbox without forcing the map anywhere.


  • Export

Any of the SpatialWiki drawings can be saved locally to your computer by clicking the Export ( ) icon located on the far right of each row.  This will save a copy of the drawing in either KML format or as a spatially enabled SQL Server 2008 script.


  • History

When you open a drawing for editing, SpatialWiki provides a list of all the times it has been edited in the past.  If you are in a spatial tug-of-war with another user, or if there was a mistake made in a recent version, or any other reason you might ever want to back up the tracks on a drawing, then you can revert the drawing’s content to any of those historic versions.

Flipping through the history of a drawing is also an interesting, rapid, way of visualizing its development over time.  You may even find instances in the history that you like better.


  • Duplicate

You can create a copy of any drawing in SpatialWiki.  Duplicating a drawing copies over the existing shapes into a brand new, separate, drawing.  For example, if someone(s) has already gone through the trouble of drawing all of the United States and you want to make a color-coded map of the Presidential Election, then use that drawing as a starting point for your drawing.
Alternatively, if the content of a drawing has changed enough that it is no longer useful for your needs, then find a restore point in its history where you think it was totally awesome and then duplicate it as a brand new fresh layer.




John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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