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Get Ready To Live


So, true to form, this many-month dearth of blog posting has meant that we have been super busy here at IDV Solutions (ironically, the cooler the work is, the less time/permission I have to chat about it).  Lots of exciting project work is going on around here but especially exciting is the development of the new version of our VFX map product -all built in Silverlight.

To that point, Scott Caulk, our Visual Fusion Product Manager, will unveil the latest and greatest of the new release of Visual Fusion 4 in a webcast on April 22, at 2:00pm (Eastern time).  Scott has declared in print that it "is going to be awesome."  So you can bear witness to that -I don’t think he’ll let you down.

Register for free here, or just check out the abstract.  In the meantime, try to prepare some brain-buster questions for Scott -he has yet to be stumped!

A virtual Scott Caulk, as seen in a social network business ap.


John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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