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Visual Fusion 4 is GO!



The next generation of IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion product is out there.  You can kick tires at our demo site where some of the most basic out of the box features are shown.

This is a pretty exciting release and I’ll go into more detail in some upcoming posts, but here are some of VFX4.0’s broader bullets…

  • Wacky 3D (or not quite 3D, pseudo 3D, 2D in 3D space kind of, 2.5 D, or some other couched term).  Anyways, sometimes true 3D can be a pain to use.  "How do I see the whole world at once?"  From a data visualization perspective, there is nothing like a nice flat map that is kind of 3D.  Wacky 3D combines the best of 2D and 3D.  Tilt the map back and rotate it around.  We originally did this for the wow factor and then the use cases came pouring in.  If you go to the demo, turn on the "Bar Charts" and then rotate around.  Oh, and it’s not actually called Wacky 3D.  If you have a better name, let me know.  John.Nelson@IDVSolutions.com
  • Doodads.  Point features on the map don’t have to be just pawns to click or not click.  Now, through configuration and/or the SDK, those points can be extruded bar charts, radial charts, crazy octopus fly-out mini-menu extensions, sparklines, virtual-elevator floorplan navigators, whatever.
  • More KML support.  KML is a vast and sprawling standard.  In this version, some of the more obvious support additions are for KMZ, network links, and image overlays.
  • Silverlight.  VFX 4.0 is a Silverlight application from the ground up.  This is music to the ears of designers and developers who’s can take their XAML markup and managed code straight to the top. It’s not a binary black box anymore.
  • The "Pilot."  The map navigation scheme got a lot juicier in this version.  Gone is the GIS-y notion of nav tool modes like zoom in/out/pan.  Pseudo physics, the spaceman paradigm, and additional degrees of freedom have made getting around less a matter of tool learning and more a function of natural mapping.  I hope.
  • Data Slicing.  We’ve expanded the types of visual filtering you can perform on your data.  Combined AND querying like in the Census Demo, range sliders, tri-state criteria (like need it, hate it, don’t care), and stuff like that put you in more direct control over how you see your data.
  • Interactive SDK.  Loads of ways you can extend Visual Fusion; ways that I can’t possibly understand.

And here are some luscious screenshots, but you should probably just visit the demo

Be sure to check out Scott Caulk and Ian Clemens‘ posts about this new release for what is, probably, much more valuable information!

John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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