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VFX 4 Interactive SDK



Justin Hoffman, IDV Code Behemoth, has recently released an interactive Software Development Toolkit for the latest release of the Silverlight-based Visual Fusion Experience, VFX 4.0.  There are lots of new gizmos that VFX 4.0 has out of the box but maybe the biggest improvement in this version is the level of extension and customization that is now possible.

So go nuts.  You can, for example, figure out how to incorporate…


…draggable map objects in your mashup if you wanted to create a war-room style strategy map, or build scenarios based on shifting coordinates, or…

…use tons of Sparklines to get a visual sense of quarterly performance at your regional distribution centers, or show epidemiological trending of a targeted virus cases at major hospitals, or…

…incorporate a cool new basemap that you created at www.CloudMade.com (seriously, you should check out CloudMade.  It is pretty awesome) or maybe one that your GIS department made, or…
…extrude mapped bar charts to plot the capacity of global ports, or track the production of wellheads in a natural gas field, or track the relative magnitude of recent seismic events, or…
…define a geographic query to return all addresses within the impact zone of an engineering project, or pull employee contact information within the risk plume of an environmental event, or aggregate the consumption power of potential marketing districts.



Let’s check out this example of "data driven icons" where, the map doodads are these relatively generic sparklines populated by (random) data.  This example has 6 tabs worth of juicy helpfulness…

Here is the XAML content for the silverlight container page…
…and the C# code that manages the map and data.
Here is the XAML that conjures up the silverlight sparklines on the map…
…and the C# code that enables it.
And finally here is a mountain of documentation that you can take with you on vacation for some light reading by the beach.



Questions/comments?  Feel free to send them along.  Thanks for looking, and happy SDK-ing.

John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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