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IDV Skunkworks: Coming Down the Pipe…Floorplan Elevator


There are plenty of fun doodads in the works here at IDV.  The new interactive SDK for the recent release of VFX 4.0 is enabling folks to customize and extend the living daylights out of things.  Here is a series of prototype renderings for a planned Floorplan Elevator (still in the conceptual phase).

What is a Floorplan Elevator?
It is an interactive point-of-interest feature that lives within the Silverlight/VFX mapping context at the geographic location of a multi-story facility.  Manipulating the Floorplan Elevator allows a user to select a specific floor in order to fetch blueprints, floorplans, IT infrastructure, employee information, security cameras, or Photosynth renderings.

How Does it Work?
The new navigation system of VFX 4.0 provides a few more degrees of freedom than the typical 2D map, but without the overhead and obstructions of true 3D.  This 2.5th dimension allows for some fun interactions at the map level.

Here,  facilities with Floorplan Elevator support extrude from the surface.  Hovering over one of the locations spawns a tooltip showing some summary information about that facility.

Selecting one of the facilities expands the elevator, from which a schematic of the selected floor spills out.  The schematic potentially includes blueprint renderings of the floor and the locations of cameras and Photosynth hot spots.  Dragging the elevator disk up and down drives the schematic to the correct floor.

Selecting a floor-level camera in its registered position launches a live viewer.

Likewise, Photosynth renderings can be launched from their general position within a facility.

Let me know what you think!  The gears are turning; this is going to be a fun one.


John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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