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Case Study Worth a Read



Microsoft recently released a case study of the solution built upon the Visual Fusion product for the Department of Transportation to, among other things, tell Louis Effa and the Maritime Transportation System "what was going on with marine transportation anywhere around the world—in real-time."

And you can totally email this case study to all of your friends.


Here are some snapshots stripped of reserved interface elements and some secure data feeds showing some of the fun features…

Where did you come from, where did you go?  Any vessel’s previous path going back however far can be fetched and rendered.  Each blip within the history contains logged data such as speed, bearing, destination, conditions, etc.


Aaaaaarrg!  Incidents of "anti-shipping activity" populate the Gulf of Oman.  The fluctuating cloud of incidents gives an immediate sense of trouble spots.  Users may define ad-hoc regions of persistent risk and receive alerts when tracked vessels enter and leave. 


Where do we go now? With nautical routing of any vessel to any port, a vessel can have defined any number of what-if routing plans based upon preferences of speed, risk, intermediary port conditions, canals, etc.
By the way, going through the Panama Canal can be pretty expensive -but so is steaming the extra 8,000 miles around South America.
Combining route finding with the automated weather risk zones (hurricane probability plumes) can really help out nautical emergency planners and responders.


John Nelson / IDV Solutions / john.nelson@idvsolutions.com


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