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VFX Demo In A Minute: Atlantic Hurricanes

Here is a sneak peak at a Visual Fusion demo coming up around the corner (it’s since been released: http://vfdemo.idvsolutions.com/hurricanes/).  It takes Atlantic Hurricane data from data.gov and splats them in place and time, where it makes sense to see them.  We’ve all seen maps of hurricanes before, but when the map dipped into a piping hot timeline then there is no telling what can happen. 

We got the data from data.gov, which, is pretty sweet.   You won’t see Hurricane Ida in there, but they had hurricane tracks in there dating back to the mid 1800’s (Really?  Really?); we trimmed it to 1950-on.  Anyways, get ready to live.
Now it’s live, check it out at http://vfdemo.idvsolutions.com/hurricanes/.


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