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And then there was Mercator


Today ESRI announced via an emailed newsletter that “ArcGIS Online Maps Migrated to Google Maps/Bing Maps Tiling Scheme.”  This is good news for anyone who has ever had to wrestle with the GIS-y world of the Platte Carre tile schemes that don’t line up with popular Mercator tile scheme (used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and pretty much everyone else).

It looks like the service will be available for six more months (maybe more depending on pockets of outrage), with no updated content.


“Goodbye my worthy equirectangular foe.  We hardly knew yee.”


It looks like standing of our rectangular amigo has taken a welcome hit.  While both projections have their pros and cons, they just didn’t play well together and online application providers will have more options going forward as a result of the Plate Carre scheme getting tossed.


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